It is amazing how many people in the Mount Cobb, Pa area are related. At times the area seems saturated with Moore's and Blacks and extensions to the Stevens family. A tour of this website will give a broad picture of how each of these families is related.

The Moore Family

Frank Elmer Moore married Lucy Black. They had eight children: Mae, Gladys Cora, Walter, Ivan, Ira, Lester Earnest, Buel Glen and Paul Douglas. After Lucy's death, Frank married Anna Pugh. Frank lived on Parry Road in Mount Cobb, Pa. His property extended from Parry Road to Sheerer Road. Frank's son Walter and his wife Eva Stevens Moore also had the adjoining property on Sheerer Road. Frank sold part of the property facing Sheerer Road to the Cosentino family. Frank regained the property and in 1942, Walter and Eva's son Willard Moore (Frank's grandson) and his wife Margaret Riegal Moore bought the property from Frank. Willard toiled many long hours raising dairy cattle and farming the property. In addition, Willard also worked in the coal mines. With agriculture on the decline in the late 1970's, Willard gave up raising cattle, although he kept and maintained the farmland.

In the spring of 1997, malicious kids from the area made several attempts to burn the barn down. The first time they started the fire, Willard realized the barn was on fire before it spread too far and was able to put it out. The last time they tried, he wasn't so lucky. Several fire crews from surrounding areas responded to the 911 call. The fire crews were successful in putting out the fire, but much damage was done. The entrance to the hayloft was badly damaged. The roof, rafters, walls, and floor joists had to be repaired. In addition, Willard had his farm equipment stored for the winter in the loft entrance as he normally did. Damaged was a discbine, several tractors and hay rakes. The arsonists were caught, ordered to pay restitution and sent to jail. So much for restitution. After getting out of the dairy business, Willard took up driving truck and maintaining farmland for many of the local farmers. Willard cut and baled the hay on these farms, loaded the hay onto his tractor/trailer and hauled the hay to the mushroom farms in Reading.

After Walter and Eva passed, Willard and Margaret bought Walter and Eva's estate. Walter and Eva's house was sold in the mid 1990's. And after Margaret passed and Willard died in 2003, the property passed to their daughter. Family still live in Willard and Margaret's house and maintain the farmland that Willard and Margaret bought from Frank Moore in 1942 as well as Walter and Eva's farmland.

The Stevens Family

The information on this website came from family members, and the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania (GRSNP), and some is pieced together from information written on the back of many photos. Little is known about the connection between Henry Stevens who came to Connecticut from Gloucestershire, England in 1660 and Joseph Stevens b. 1847, except that both lived in the same area of Connecticut.

It is also undocumented but believed that Charles Augustine Stevens lived in Peckville, PA and bought a farm in Lake Ariel after he retired from the Railroad. His wife, Rena Mann, died in 19xx and is buried in a Wayne County cemetery next to Charles. Their children were Eva, Vesta, Raymond and Eugene. Charles and his siblings Ora and Earnest were raised by their mother's sister after her death. Joseph Stevens had three wives and died in Connecticut.

David Lot Mann, possibly born in Connecticut married Rhinda Chapman, possibly born in Lake Ariel, PA. David and Rhinda were father and mother of one son, Jessie Mann and two daughters Eva Mann and Rena Mann. Eva Mann married Maylon Gromlick and Rena Mann married Charles Agustine Stevens.

The Gromlick family consisted of four sons and four daughters: Verna, Anna, Bessie, Hazel, Arthur, Norman, David and Manley. The Stevens family consisted of two daughters and two sons: Eva, Vesta, Raymond and Eugene Stevens. Eva married Walter Moore and had Marion, Willard, Ruth, and Robert. Vesta married Virgil Spangenberg and had George, Lillian and Ethel. Eugene married Mary Cosentino and had Glen, Kenneth, Dorothy and Doris Stevens (twins). Raymond married Susan Palko and had Ann Marie, Irene, Raymond, Jr. and Dorothy Stevens.

Moore Family

Stevens Family

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